5 top tips for a productive meeting

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Team meetings are a crucial procedure for any company to develop and progress the success of the business. Yet more than often, they can be run ineffectively, and can feel like a waste of valuable time. Avoid that and make your next meeting more inspiring, beneficial and dynamic with our five top tips below for a productive meeting.

1. Seek a change of scenery

Sometimes one of the best ways to breed creativity is to take a step out the office into a fresh new environment. Off-site meetings can make what is usually an uninspiring get-together more stimulating, and can, in turn, make team members feel more valued, uplifted and motivated both ahead of and during the big event.

The Petersham, set in the leafy London suburb of Richmond and only a 20-minute train journey away from Central London, offers panoramic views of the famous bend in the River Thames. Where could possibly offer a more inspiring backdrop for your next meeting?

View overlooking The Petersham Hotel


2. Be prepared

The main questions are, why is the meeting being held and what are the goals? Make sure there is a very clear agenda, realistic targets and defined timings planned ahead of the meeting for all to be aware of. Designating a team member to write down the minutes ensures that a meeting can be properly followed up on, with progress updates and regular follow ups on each task. Not only will this will keep team members on track but it will allow them to work to their full potential, ensuring productivity of the meeting and ultimately reaching the purpose of it.

Additionally, it’s also worth bringing a review of the last related meeting, so progress can be tracked and any plans can be discussed, changed or brought in.

Aerial view of people walking around The Petersham Hotel


3. Keep it moving

There’s no denying that long, monotonous meetings can tend to drag on, making it easy for many to drift off and lose interest and focus. Keep things constantly moving and evolving by changing one aspect of the meeting every 30 minutes or so. For example, varying the style of presentation, creating a Q&A session, including team exercises, showing appropriate video content and so on.
4. Mix up your meeting

As well as changing the dynamics within a meeting, always make sure to take regular breaks to keep staff feeling active, alert, enthused and rejuvenated. A refreshment break, in particular, is a great way to keep the blood sugar levels up and allows everyone to take some much-needed time out from a busy day. What’s more, some informality will cultivate a more relaxed environment whereby staff can feel free to offer their opinions without worry.

At The Petersham, we are offering a variety of sweet refreshments and extras with our meetings to promote exactly that with our day delegate and residential delegate rates.

Meeting table with different snacks, smoothies, ice cream and cookies


5. Conclude the meeting positively

Be sure to acknowledge and praise the team on a successful meet, and always ask if anyone has any further questions or points to consider. This allows the team to be clear of the meeting outcomes and of their own allocated tasks and permits a successful progression of the meeting points discussed.



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