Top 6 tips for planning your intimate wedding

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Take a look at our top 6 tips for planning your intimate wedding…

1. Guest list

Creating the guest list for your wedding can often be difficult, but it needn’t be. The whole idea around an intimate wedding is that you only invite the people that you REALLY want to be there, so surround yourselves with those that you love most, it is your day after all!

Louise and Jack's Wedding
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2. Mood board

We always encourage our couples to start with a mood board in the initial stages of planning, Pinterest is a great starting point to decide the vision you have for your intimate wedding. Hosting an intimate wedding often means you are able to make it more personal to yourselves and often the saving you make by having less guests can be invested in details personal to the both of you!


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3. Quality of service

Wherever possible use suppliers recommended by the venue, you can then be assured of the quality of service and expertise you will receive.


Large table that has been set for a wedding

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4. Book early!

Book everything as early as you can! That way you get the widest choice and the best deals. It also reduces the stress, as you know everything has been arranged well in advance and nothing is left to the last minute.


Bride on a balcony looking at a beautiful view

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5. Timings

Our advice would be to not get married too early in the day as it will make it a very long day for you; 2:00pm or 2:30pm is often perfect for a summer ceremony and 1:30pm or 2:00pm perfect for winter.


Bride and groom in the spotlight

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6. Colour Schemes

Make it YOUR day. Design a day that suits you two, add your personality in as much as you can and don’t get caught up in having to ‘theme’ it. Instead choose a palette of colours to stick to, that will help it feel consistent and then pick what you love.


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Whether you want to check a small detail or ask a big question, our dedicated wedding team are on hand to assist you with any wedding enquiries you have. Click here to get in touch.

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