5 reasons to choose an intimate wedding

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With modern weddings becoming bigger and more expensive than ever before, many couples are starting to turn to smaller, more intimate options. So what are the advantages of hosting an intimate wedding?

1. Make the most of your budget

Trimming the size of your guest list not only means you will save a considerable amount of money, but it also means you can use your resources for quality, rather than quantity. Budgeting for a smaller wedding doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a simple wedding – with more flexibility you have the option to splurge on the things that matter most, whether it be a stunning designer gown, a gourmet wedding breakfast or the venue of your dreams.


The Petersham Hotel
The Petersham - an intimate Wedding venue


2. Plan more easily

With a huge guest list, planning the big day can often be immensely overwhelming and sometimes very stressful. For example, you may find yourself constantly chasing dietary requirements and menu choices, or struggling to find an affordable venue for your numbers. With an intimate wedding, planning is often a lot smoother as there are fewer schedules to accommodate and more flexible venue options. What’s more, if you are in a hurry to wed the love of your life, an intimate wedding will also be a lot quicker to plan.


Bride laughing with guests
Spend your big day with the people that matter most – photo credit Sean Gannon.


3. Make the day more personal

Wouldn’t you rather spend your wedding day surrounded by the people that matter most, rather than having to devote the day chatting to numerous guests – some you may not even know very well? This in itself can be quite a pressure, and an intimate wedding means you can spend quality time with the people that really care about you.

At The Petersham, our wedding breakfasts are held in our elegant Terrace Suite where up to thirty guests share a table, making it a relaxed and sociable atmosphere, and much more personal than having everyone separated on smaller tables.


People around a table holding up their glasses
An intimate wedding breakfast at The Petersham – photo credit Murray Clarke.


4. Focus on the smaller details

A smaller guest list means you can spend more time focusing on the smaller, creative details, and since you know your guests well you can accommodate their needs and wishes more easily. For example, you can spend some time creating bespoke wedding favours personal for each guest, or you can plan a wedding breakfast menu you know your guests will love.


Table set with wedding favours
Creative favours go down a treat with guests – photo credit Sean Gannon.


5. Feel less overwhelmed on the day

With fewer guests you can feel more at ease, less distracted and can stay in the moment. You won’t have to spend the day doing the rounds and catching up with hundreds of guests, making for a more relaxed and less overwhelming day.

You’ll even get to spend a fair amount of time with your other half – who would have thought it?


Intimate weddings at The Petersham

Hosting ceremonies for up to thirty-eight and wedding breakfasts for up to thirty, here at The Petersham, Richmond we boast magnificent views of the River Thames and surrounding meadows. A historic hotel, we provide the most wonderful backdrop for an intimate wedding, celebrated with those closest to you.


Bride and groom standing in front of The Petersham Hotel
The perfect backdrop – photo credit Surrey wedding photography

Whether you want to check a small detail or ask a big question, our dedicated wedding team are on hand to assist you with any wedding enquiries you have. Click here to get in touch.

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