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Nestled alongside the River Thames in southwest London, you’ll find a haven of horticultural magic. Kew Gardens is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that boasts the largest and most diverse collection of living plants on Earth. Spanning over 300 acres, Kew Gardens is a tapestry of landscapes, glasshouses teeming with exotic flora, and historic buildings whispering stories of botanical exploration.

Just a stone’s throw from Kew Gardens lies The Petersham, a charming hotel with a captivating history offering guests a luxurious retreat amidst the beauty of Richmond upon Thames. From tranquil walks in the park to exploring Kew Gardens’ magical flora and fauna or simply wrapping yourself up in romantic bliss in your hotel room, your stay at The Petersham will be perfect.

Where is Kew Garden?

If when you’re visiting London, you dream of stepping into a sprawling wonderland of botanical delights, you’ll want to visit Kew Gardens. The UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts the largest and most diverse collection of living plants anywhere! Located in southwest London, Kew Gardens is easily accessible via public transport, car or by foot making it a perfect day trip or weekend escape from central London, or from your more convenient location at The Petersham (just 2 miles away!).

Of course, there’s also plenty more to do near Kew Gardens! Immerse yourselves in the past at Kew Palace, a former royal residence, or explore Queen Charlotte's Cottage, a charming example of 18th-century architecture nearby. For art fans, enjoy captivating botanical illustrations at the Marianne North Gallery, or admire the natural beauty captured on canvas at Theatre on Kew. Chiswick House & Gardens are also nearby, offering the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the grandeur of the 18th-century Palladian villa and its stunning gardens, just a short distance from Kew. Similarly, Syon Park offers expansive grounds and a gorgeous historic estate, including a Grade I listed house, beautiful gardens, and a deer park.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer a relaxed escape, Take a leisurely stroll through the picturesque streets of Richmond, a charming town along the River Thames. Dip in and out of the local shops, stop for a coffee or a bite for lunch, stroll through Richmond Park, or perhaps spend your morning at Kew and reserve your spot for Afternoon Tea at The Petersham Restaurant.

History of Kew Garden

Kew Gardens boasts a rich history, intertwined with the British crown and a passion for botanical exploration. Kew Gardens roots trace back to 1759, when Princess Augusta, mother of King George III, established a modest botanic garden on the Kew estate. This royal interest fueled its growth, with figures like Sir Joseph Banks, an explorer who accompanied Captain Cook, contributing significantly. Kew became a hub for collecting and studying plants from around the world, playing a crucial role in introducing species like rubber and quinine to Britain.

Over centuries, Kew Gardens evolved from a royal playground to a renowned scientific institution. It established botanical gardens across the British Empire, spearheaded plant conservation efforts and continues to be a vital centre for research and education. Today, its global network of gardens and expertise in plant diversity make it a vital resource for understanding and protecting our planet's flora, as well as taking a moment to admire it. Kew Gardens stands as a testament to humanity's enduring fascination with the natural world and our responsibility to safeguard it while remaining in a privileged position just two miles away from The Petersham, and just a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of central London.

Plenty to do at Kew Garden

When visiting Kew Gardens, you’ll find yourself lost in opportunity for exploration at every corner. For example, you can explore the iconic Palm House: a Victorian glasshouse teeming with lush tropical vegetation from around the world. Imagine towering palm trees, cascading ferns, and vibrant orchids. Perfect for an awe-filled stroll and a photo opportunity. Temperate House is another glasshouse that houses a diverse collection of plants from temperate climates, offering a journey through different zones like the Australian and South African landscapes.

What’s more, Kew Gardens offers a plethora of educational resources and exhibits, perfect for families and curious minds. Explore the interactive Children's Garden, delve into the science of plant life at the Evolution Garden, or learn about the vital role of plants in our ecosystem at the Davies Alpine House.

You’ll also be lucky enough to get up close and personal with some of the most fascinating and diverse plants on Earth. From the towering redwoods of the Californian Redwood Grove to the delicate beauty of the Water Lilies House, Kew Gardens offers a glimpse into ecosystems and beauty from across the globe. 

Hotel near Kew Garden

After a delightful day exploring the vibrancy of Kew Gardens, unwind and retreat to the elegant comfort of The Petersham. Nestled just a short distance away, The Petersham offers the perfect haven to recharge, rest and relax in a truly captivating location. Imagine waking up to breathtaking views stretching across the vast expanse of Richmond Park, clear blue skies welcoming you to another day in beautiful Richmond. The hotel's idyllic location within Richmond allows you to escape London’s exciting bustle while still remaining close to the action. 

Moreover, as you step inside The Petersham, you’ll discover a world of exquisite charm and historic grandeur. Dating back to 1689, the hotel boasts a rich tapestry of stories, evident in its elegantly unique architecture and meticulously curated décor. Most notable is the magical staircase that cascades to the top of the hotel, providing a grand red carpet that guides you to your chosen room. Whilst abundant in gorgeous views, for true beauty, all you have to do is look up at the striking ceiling of Fresco paintings depicting Italian Renaissance artists. Similar artefacts and whispers of history can be also found dotted around the hotel. 

As for your stay, The Petersham offers a magical selection of rooms, designed with beauty and understated luxury. Whether you crave a cosy and intimate space to enjoy shared moments with your partner on a romantic escape, a room with a balcony overlooking the park for refreshing mornings, or a luxurious suite fit for royalty to celebrate a special occasion, The Petersham has something to make your stay truly unforgettable. In each room, you’ll also be spoilt with a superbly comfortable bed, charming furnishings, in-room amenities and beautiful views of Richmond.

Dining near Kew Garden

When staying at The Petersham, you won’t want to miss dinner in the restaurant. Award-winning food, cooked by a skilled head chef and served overlooking the gorgeous views of Richmond Park during sunset. From every table, you will have a fantastic view of the surrounding Richmond area, providing a wonderful setting to enjoy a hearty English breakfast, a sweet bite of breakfast pastries, or a delicious lunch before heading out for the day.

Perfectly suited for any time of the day, The Petersham restaurant offers a selection of menus throughout the week, ensuring there’s always something tasty whenever you stay. You’ll have the option of breakfast service, lunch, dinner a la carte, and a delectable Sunday lunch menu. As well as afternoon tea and a club menu available throughout the week. The Petersham Restaurant is open for afternoon tea from Wednesday to Sunday, with vegan and gluten-free options available should you need them. All week, the informal Club Menu is available for dinner until 9pm and fine dining dinner is available Thursday, Friday and Saturday providing delightful dishes alongside captivating views across Richmond. The restaurant provides the perfect setting to toast to special occasions, perhaps pop a certain special question, or simply get lost in each other’s eyes over some incredible food in a charming setting.

As for drinks, the bar is fully stocked and equipped to handle any request Whether it’s a crisp glass of house white, or perhaps an occasion that calls for something slightly stronger, or even a toast that requires bubbles, the bar can certainly accommodate.

For bookings outside of a hotel stay, please enquire directly with the restaurant. Should the craving for a delicious Sunday Roast hit while exploring the many botanical treasures, you’ll want to ensure a table booked just in time to watch the sunset melt over Richmond Park.

Perfectly located
To begin your magical escape, The Petersham is found perched atop Richmond Hill at Nightingale Lane, Richmond, Surrey, TW10 6UZ.