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Just a stone’s throw away from the lights of London you’ll find the beauty of Richmond, a scenic and beautiful town just 30 minutes from the city. For those who haven’t been before, Richmond is abundant in beautiful views and one of the most captivating Richmond wedding venues, The Petersham, offers bountiful historic charm and provides a captivating venue to say “I do”, and a truly gorgeous location to return to for anniversaries for years to come.

Richmond wedding venues

Imagine exchanging vows bathed in the golden glow of a spring morning, with the gentle murmur of the River Thames as your soundtrack. As you look outside, you’ll spot the breathtaking vista of Petersham Meadows and the vibrant parkland stretching before you. This is the magic that awaits you at The Petersham, one of the most gorgeous Richmond wedding locations. The Petersham weaves history, romance and natural beauty within its elegant hotel walls to create a wedding day you and your partner will truly never forget. Sat atop the gorgeous Richmond Hill, The Petersham sits as a testament to history and romance and invites you to make your mark and etch your love story in its walls for your spectacular wedding day. With views of Richmond Park just outside, magnificent service inside, a huge selection of unique rooms for you and your wedding guests, and an incredible kitchen team serving up award-winning food. The Petersham provides a truly exceptional space to host your wedding day. With close links to Central London, just a 30 minute train ride to and from and a host of incredible amenities, The Petersham effortlessly blends city excitement with countryside charm. Each morning of your stay, you’ll wake up to birds chirping, knowing that you’re one step closer to being married to the one you love most in one of the most gorgeous Richmond wedding venues.

Picture perfect Richmond wedding locations

Steeped in heritage, The Petersham, built in 1865, exudes a timeless elegance. As you arrive, the grand Portland stone facade hints at the grandeur within. As you step inside, you’ll be greeted by a magnificent staircase, its polished marble floors reflecting the soft glow of ornate chandeliers and providing a truly elegant entryway for you and your guests. As you walk up to your room, you’ll be guided by magnificent artwork and elegant touches that make this one of the most enchanting wedding venues in Richmond. However, The Petersham's magic truly unfolds when you step outside onto the terrace. Whether it’s for a refreshing drink after the ceremony, or for a moment of quiet reflection with your nearest and dearest before the vows are taken, it is here that the breathtaking panorama that surrounds your wedding venue takes centre stage. The lush Petersham Meadows extend before you, and you’ll spot the beauty of the Thames in the near distance, while the sprawling expanse of Richmond Park promises unforgettable photo opportunities for your big day. Following the ceremony, the elegant terrace becomes an extension of your celebration. Picture drinks on the terrace as you sip champagne with loved ones, your wedding ceremony set against this idyllic backdrop, with the vibrant greens and blues of the landscape creating a natural cathedral. Once the magic of the ceremony draws to a close and bellies start to rumble, you’ll be invited inside to be seated for the wedding reception dinner. Here imaginations run wild as your months of planning will have finally come to life with your chosen flowers dotted around, your gorgeous colour scheme lighting the room, with the fresh air and blue skies outside still viewable through large, airy windows.

A selection of rooms

Your wedding day at The Petersham isn't just about the ceremony and reception; it's about creating a memorable experience you’ll always cherish. For the wedding party, The Petersham offers a haven of comfort and elegance, with 61 beautifully appointed bedrooms and suites catering to every need of your wedding party. For your wedding guests, there are a selection of rooms available, varying in size and style. Each room offers an oasis of tranquillity, decorated in a classic style that reflects the hotel's rich history. Each guest will enjoy a plush bed after a day filled with joy, lulled to sleep by the gentle sound of the River Thames. Some boast private balconies, with charming views of the surrounding gardens or the bustling streets of Richmond. Then for the happy couple, indulge in unparalleled luxury on your wedding night by choosing one of The Petersham's most exclusive accommodations: The Tower Room: Situated at the very pinnacle of the hotel, The Tower Room offers a truly unforgettable experience. This two-story haven boasts breathtaking panoramic views across Petersham Meadows and the River Thames, creating a truly romantic setting. The ideal setting to step out of those dancing shoes and let down your hair for the first night of many more magical moments. The Penthouse: Unwind in unrivalled splendour in the magnificent Penthouse Suite. Featuring uninterrupted views of the Thames and a private balcony, this spacious suite offers the ultimate in luxury and exclusivity, perfect for celebrating the start of your forever together.

Delicious dining

One of the most magnificent parts of The Petersham is its incredible restaurant. Serving up award-winning food, your Wedding meal or the family breakfast the next morning with elegance and style. For the big day, our teams will work with you to craft a menu that reflects you and your partner, as well as reflecting the seasons with fresh, local produce. We promise every bite will be a symphony and provide the perfect, delicious fuel for a night of celebrating with your nearest and dearest! For more information on the menu, please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

Conveniently located

Truly one of the most magnificent Richmond wedding locations, The Petersham can be found perched atop Richmond Hill at Nightingale Ln, Richmond TW10 6UZ. From this location, you’ll be in the perfect place to enjoy the beauty that lies surrounding the hill, as well as just moments away from the charming Richmond town centre. While The Petersham will provide everything you need for a truly spectacular wedding day, you are also just 30 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Central London, accessible on the train or by car. On-site at the hotel, you’ll have free parking, abundant views and a dedicated team on hand to ensure the smooth running of your big day. Enquire now to discuss your wedding day plans.