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If you’re searching for an incredible stay at one of the 4 star hotels in London, look no further than The Petersham. An elegant British hotel renowned for exceptional service, beautiful views of the Petersham Meadows and The Thames, and 61 uniquely decorated and effortlessly charming rooms.

With so many choices available in London four star hotels, make the right choice and book a hotel that balances the excitement of London with the calm of the countryside and ensures a spectacular stay every single time.

Luxurious Accommodation in a 4 Star Hotel London

The Petersham isn't just a London four star hotel, it's a magical experience for London locals seeking divine comfort and tourists from afar in search of quintessentially British luxury. During your stay, you'll find everything you desire and more for a truly elegant stay.
The Petersham boasts 61 individually decorated bedrooms. Each space offers its own character and charm, ensuring a one of a kind stay. Whether you prefer a cosy nook to curl up and relax or a sprawling suite with a freestanding bath and panoramic views, The Petersham’s luxurious accommodations promise a haven of comfort waiting to be enjoyed.

No luxurious stay is complete without exceptional dining. The Petersham Restaurant, renowned for its modern European cuisine and incredible vantage point atop Richmon Hill, offers several menus serving up something spectacular for breakfast service, lunch, a la carte, Sunday lunch and an afternoon tea menu. Every table boasts breathtaking views, making every meal a visual and culinary delight, especially when dining during sunset. The gorgeous airy windows allow the sun to paint a gorgeous mural that truly takes your breath away. The talented head Chef, Sergio Martins Abreu, curates a menu that bursts with fresh, seasonal flavours and the expected Petersham flair. Truly, the dedicated team is the heart of The Petersham. Friendly and attentive staff are committed to providing an elegant and personalised experience throughout your stay, assisting with local recommendations, tending to every request and ensuring every detail of your stay is meticulously cared for, allowing you to relax and truly unwind.

However, the most special feature of this London four star hotel is its position crowning Richmond Hill. Splendid views of the River Thames and the sprawling Petersham Meadows can be seen from the hotel, with some rooms offering elegant views directly from your bed, providing a tranquil escape from the bustle of the city. This idyllic setting allows you to reconnect with nature and soak in the beauty of the surroundings, all while still remaining just touching distance from the bustle of lively London.

The Best Four Stars Hotel in London

Built in 1865, The Petersham boasts incredible Victorian grandiosity and character. The exterior is truly unique, showcasing some Gothic elements that make it such an imposing and special sight atop Richmond Hill. Viewable from below in the Petersham Meadows, The Petersham is a favourite site of Richmond locals enjoying the verdant greenery of the park and meadows below.

This incredible four star London hotel has always been a grand sight on the hill. The Petersham stands between what remains of Richmond Hill’s Common and Petersham Common. These were originally contiguous and grazing animals would stray across the manor boundaries. Over the years, The Petersham has taken other names, in 1650, a cottage occupied The Petersham’s space, which later became a substantial house in the 1770s, named Nightingale Cottage after the singing birds in the area.

Of course, this is all just from the outside. As you step inside The Petersham, the most notable feature of the interior is the grand Portland stone staircase, which is believed to be the tallest unsupported stone staircase in the country! The paintings on its elegant ceiling were executed by Ferdinando Galli (1816-97), an Italian painter who then briefly worked in England. The paintings depict Italian Renaissance artists and are certainly a marvel as you ascend the striking staircase. Once you reach the top, you’ll be just moments away from opening the door to your splendid little haven. As you walk in, enjoy characterful decor, gorgeous views and an assortment of helpful little amenities to make your stay at this London four star hotel memorable and comfortable.

If you don’t fancy the stroll back down the remarkable staircase for dinner service, enjoy exceptional food in the comfort of your room and live the high life with room service. Then, once rest and relaxation have been restored, begin the next morning with a hearty breakfast in the restaurant, followed by a stroll through the meadows, or perhaps a trip to nearby Kew Gardens.

Ideally located in Richmond

The Petersham can be found on Nightingale Lane, atop Richmond Hill. Nearby, you’ll find Richmond to be bustling with wonderful shops and restaurants, Richmond Park just moments away, and the Petersham Meadows just outside waiting to be wandered through. Located under 10 miles from central London, The Petersham certainly is one of the best London 4 star hotels combining the electricity of city life with the serenity of the countryside. The Petersham benefits from exceptional transport links to London, reachable in just under an hour via the District Line. Alternatively, take the 65 bus to the train station and take the train in, also in under an hour.

Alternatively, you can reach central London by car in 30 - 45 minutes, depending on the traffic conditions. However, if instead you should fancy a bike ride through the beautiful sights of Richmond and into London, this will take you around an hour, but provide a very unique way of seeing London and the surrounding areas.